KENDALL: We didn't officially meet until later, but I noticed Giselle when I first came to the church with my friend Red, and Giselle was there. I didn't know who she was (or what she was) so I asked Kester. At that point in time, I found her to be very attractive and very beautiful.

But not knowing her name and not being comfortable in just approaching her, I left in a rush to head back to Virginia. But she was the talk on the ride back. I couldn't help but just talk to my friend Red about how beautiful she was, and even at that point in time, I still couldn't remember her name, as simple as it was. Didn't know if she was with anybody, didn't know anything about her, didn't know if i was going to see her again, but I made it my purpose to try to see her again. Throughout the next several weeks, I always asked my mom or Kester "Hey, was Giselle there?" Come to find out my mom told me that Giselle only shows up the first Sunday of every month.

With that in mind, I now decided that if ever I come back to New Jersey it would be the first Sunday of every month. I can't remember exactly what Sunday it was but I came up one Sunday and of course it was the first Sunday of that month, and I came to church. There she was. I couldn't help but constantly look at her, stare at her, listen to her as she played the piano, listen to her as she sings. In my mind, I'm thinking "She could sing to me all day." As a critical listener, I couldn't help but just listen to the words that she was singing and listen to the notes that she was playing on the piano and thinking of playing the drums behind her. DISCLOSURE: We are in church, supposed to be worshiping, but I'm thinking about playing the drums behind her. Again, I couldn't remember what her name was so I nudged Kester and he told me "That's Giselle, and she's Filipino and shes the pastors daughter." At that point, it took me away. Pastor's daughter? Did not know that.

When church was over and music was still going, I slowly made my way. I was a bit nervous but I walked over there in confidence. Didn't know what I was going to say to her, and I just stood there as I listened as the band played. I listened as she continued playing. And for a second I just blanked out everybody as she played piano. It's almost like an angel is playing as I was enjoying the music.



— vs. —


 Her Version

GISELLE: We don't have a crazy story of a relentless, romantic chase. We have a simple story. My mom told me that Kendall's mom (who I then called Sister Dianne) from church told her that she had been praying her son Kendall and me to get married. What? Who is this guy? See what I mean... 

Here's what I do know. I met Kendall in one of his visits at my dad's church Grace Christian Fellowship. We connected about music, and we exchanged information so that he could show me what he did in the studio. (His first move, I bet.) I was really struck by how he shared his immense talent by helping other churches and people. Despite his reputation, Kendall wasn't the least bit arrogant, although he was extremely intimidating. I looked forward to connecting more (about music!!) Eventually, I marked my calendar for a day when he could be in town and play music with me church with as a guest musician. When it came time for the band to rehearse, I was absolutely nervous! Not because I liked him (I mean it!) but because I was so intimidated by his talent. Among other people, my friend Adrienne was on the piano, Kendall drummed, and I sang. When Sunday came and church started, the entire band played well. I was able to sing and praise God through that music in a different way. Kendall's drumming just opened up the atmosphere, and I was able to sing in praise like never before. It was transcendent of anything I have ever been a part of. That experience sparked a new quest for me. 

I felt like a door swung open to an entirely new world; I was a new person. I attribute that spark to Kendall, a catalyst and inspiration in my faith and music.

We continued to connect over music and, in time, became an unbreakable duo. One day, my mom told me how sister Dianne (my mom-to-be!) confessed to her that she had been praying for us a long time. I've asked them both - several times! - to check if this is true. And they both say it is. Sometimes, a mother's love can see beyond what we see.

Truthfully, Kendall is not just an answered prayer to his mom - but to me. I have been praying for a man like him, and a love like this. I have to admit, I feel lucky. But I know luck has nothing to do with it.